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The North County Foot and Ankle Difference

What makes North County Foot and Ankle stand out from other foot and ankle doctors in Valley Center? Unlike some foot doctors, our podiatrists work with a client-first mentality. When you walk through our front doors, the time you spend in our office is all about you. We believe in a strong physician-patient relationship fortified by one-on-one attention and honest communication.

Before offering foot pain treatment options, we perform a thorough evaluation, taking into account your individual needs, goals, and preferences. Once that's done, we'll discuss your treatment options in detail and come to a mutual decision regarding the best treatment plan for you.

Whether you have a minor hangnail or need complex surgery, you will receive the same level of compassionate care from our medical team. As board-certified podiatrists in Valley Center, our doctors are proud to treat you. You can rest easy knowing they will take the time to explain what's causing your foot pain, what treatments are best suited to your problem, and what steps you should take after treatment.

And while our podiatrists are uniquely qualified to perform surgery, we often recommend non-surgical options, using treatments like orthotics to relieve foot, arch, and heel pain. From sports injuries and bunions to gout and blisters, we're here to help you live life to the fullest without nagging, debilitating foot pain.

 Ankle Specialist Valley Center, CA

Patients visit our foot clinic in Valley Center, CA, for many podiatric problems, including:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Bunions
  • Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • General Ankle Pain
  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Flat Feet
  • Hammertoes
  • Gout
  • Foot and Ankle Rheumatoid Arthritis

If you're dealing with chronic foot pain or are concerned about a long-lasting symptom that affects your daily life, we're here to help. Unsure if you need to call to make an appointment? These symptoms are often signs that you might need to visit our foot and ankle doctors:

 Foot And Ankle Specialist Valley Center, CA

Bunion Pain Solutions

Jason Morris, a board-certified podiatric foot surgeon in Valley Center, CA, is one of the top podiatrists in the greater San Diego area and has successfully treated patients with bunions for over ten years. He offers advanced treatments for bunion pain, such as:

 Podiatrist Valley Center, CA
Customized Orthotics for Bunion Treatment

Our hand-made orthotics, which are worn in your shoes, are molded to fit your foot exactly, correcting bone misalignments and relieving pain much better than cookie-cutter, store-bought options.

 Foot Surgeon Valley Center, CA
Bunion Surgery

Drs. Morris and Redkar performs state-of-the-art triplanar correction surgery using 3-D digital imaging and a minimal incision approach. This procedure is very effective and works by rotating misaligned big toe bones back to the proper position. Once your toe bones are back in position, a metal plate is attached to your bones so that they remain aligned over long-term use.

 Foot Clinic Valley Center, CA
Combined Bunion Treatment

Drs. Morris and Redkar may recommend both surgery and custom orthotics to keep your foot pain-free and your bunion from growing back.

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Meet Our World-Class Podiatrists

If you’ve been enduring foot or ankle pain that affects your mobility and quality of life, why not make a change for the better? At North County Foot & Ankle Specialists, our podiatrists in Escondido help patients of all ages. Drs. Morris and Redkar take a patient-first approach with all of our podiatry services. Both are highly qualified and recipients of prestigious awards.

Dr. Avanti Redkar
Dr. Avanti Redkar, DPM

Featured in Los Angeles Magazine’s prestigious Top Doctors list of 2021, Dr. Avanti Redkar is a board-certified podiatrist that specializes in foot and ankle pathology. Dr. Redkar earned her undergrad degree in biology at the University of Scranton and her master’s degree in nutrition at SUNY Buffalo. She attended podiatry school at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Her three-year surgical residency at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, New York, included foot and rearfoot surgery, wound care, and hyperbaric medicine training. Dr. Redkar also completed a one-year fellowship in sports medicine and ankle reconstruction.

Dr. Jason Morris
Dr. Jason Morris, DPM

After a rigorous three-year residency at the University of Pittsburgh, Jason Morris, DPM, moved to sunny California to practice podiatric medicine. Once there, Dr. Morris worked as an attending physician at UCLA Medical Center and Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Since relocating to the Escondido area, he has been a staff physician at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido and Poway. Dr. Morris is a podiatric foot and ankle specialist with board certification in rearfoot and forefoot reconstructive surgery. Dr. Morris has undergone extensive training in sports medicine, ankle trauma, diabetic limb salvage, and reconstructive surgery.

Do Away with Foot and Ankle Pain Today

If you've been enduring foot or ankle pain that affects your mobility and quality of life, why not make a change for the better? At North County Foot & Ankle Specialists, our podiatrists in Valley Center help patients of all ages. Drs. Morris and Redkar take a patient-first approach with all of our podiatry services. From minor bunion treatments to complex issues like foot fractures, every treatment option we consider is chosen with your best interest in mind.

Our podiatrists are members of several professional organizations, including:

  • The American Podiatric Medical Association
  • The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
  • The American Board of Podiatric Medicine

If more conservative treatments are better for your condition, non-surgical solutions like custom orthotics may be the best route. If you need ankle or foot surgery, our podiatrists will complete your procedure with time-tested skill and precision. Because, at the end of the day, our goal is to provide you with the most effective foot and ankle pain solutions with the quickest recovery options available.

Contact us online or via phone today to schedule an appointment at our Valley Center office. By tomorrow, you'll be one step closer to loving life without foot or ankle pain.

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Latest News in Valley Center, CA

'Betty Crocker House' has a new cook in the kitchen

Historic Valley Center property opens to the public for free once a month as Brick n Barn.VALLEY CENTER, Calif. — Betty Crocker is a household name, but did you know she lived in Valley Center?In this Zevely Zone, I step back in time into her famous kitchen.How is it possible to scour the county for fun, feature stories for twenty years and just now find out about the Betty Crocker House?That is where I met Marlise Kast-Myers. She and her ...

Historic Valley Center property opens to the public for free once a month as Brick n Barn.

VALLEY CENTER, Calif. — Betty Crocker is a household name, but did you know she lived in Valley Center?

In this Zevely Zone, I step back in time into her famous kitchen.

How is it possible to scour the county for fun, feature stories for twenty years and just now find out about the Betty Crocker House?

That is where I met Marlise Kast-Myers. She and her husband Benjamin are the proud owners of the historic Betty Crocker Estate. "You are going to be blown away are you ready? Come on in," said Marlise.

In 1941, Agnes White, who was the original Betty Crocker, purchased the property. "This is actually Betty Crocker's dress, Agnes White wore this," said Marlise.

Marlise and her husband bought the place five years ago. "I live here, this is my house, now do you notice anything missing. A TV, I don't have a TV," said Marlise.

But she does have Betty Crocker's old gloves, jewelry, and purse.

"This is going to blow your mind, look at that Agnes White Tizard, the real Betty Crocker," said Marlise while showing me the engraved purse. "I mean isn't this phenomenal? So, here's what's crazy, when we moved in here, we didn't know all of this history, we went to the Historical Society and they said oh we have a box for you. Here is Betty Crocker's clothing," said Marlise.

"She had the first cooking show in the world in our kitchen. This is it. This is the kitchen. This is the Betty Crocker kitchen!"

The home has had several owners during the past century, but its most famous occupant was Agnes White, the original Betty Crocker. Although she cooked, created recipes, and appeared on network radio, her status locally as a cooking icon was not generally known until after her death in 1979 at age 84. She is buried at the Valley Center Cemetery.

Marlise bakes with Crocker cookbooks and memorizes Betty's recipes and history. "Here she is in all of her beauty," said Marlise showing me old black-and-white pictures.

"This is our house, it was an old dairy farm," said Marlise.

An old farm was brought back to life with 63 rescued birds. "Those are my peacocks," said Marlise when her birds started squawking. "Can you tell them to be quiet we are trying to shoot a TV segment?" I laughed. "I tried to tell them, I tried to tell them," said Marlise.

Just beyond a gaggle of turkeys, stands an old barn called Brick n Barn. One weekend a month, the public is welcome to visit the barn for free. "We have food trucks lined up," said Marlise.

The weekend festivities include hosted workshops, local artisans, handmade works, an onsite bakery, and poolside pampering treatments. Brick n Barn also invites local animal rescues to bring their dogs to find forever homes.

In five years of operation, Brick n Barn has become more than an antique experience. With nearly 2,000 people in weekend attendance, they have created a destination where you can stroll garden pathways, sip an espresso, and build friendships in the midst of the Brick n Barn community.

"Everything looks new when you come to each show," said Marlise. "This I think would be Betty Crocker's favorite area right here." Marlise Kast-Myers just might be the new Betty Crocker. "Oh wow, those are some big shoes to fill," said Marlise. She's already cooking up some new material. "Don't let your buns burn, ha, ha, ha, I don't know what she'd say," said Marlise.

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Visitors are not allowed to tour Betty Crocker's old home, but they can explore most of the estate's nine acres. Brick N Barn is open for free one weekend a month for visitors. For information click here.

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Greensky Bluegrass w/ special guest The Infamous Stringdusters

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The English Beat w/ The Fabulous Rudies

Friday, 9:00 pmEncinitas, CA

Saturday, November 4

Terra-Gen: Faulty sprinkler system forced the decommissioning of stolen Valley Center LG batteries

The malfunctioning of a sprinkler system forced the decommissioning of the LG batteries which were eventually stolen from Terra-Gen’s Valley Center BESS in California, the company told we reported last week, the battery packs were taken from the site after having been decommissioned and placed on pallets awaiting transpo...

The malfunctioning of a sprinkler system forced the decommissioning of the LG batteries which were eventually stolen from Terra-Gen’s Valley Center BESS in California, the company told

As we reported last week, the battery packs were taken from the site after having been decommissioned and placed on pallets awaiting transportation. While this resolved the question around how they were taken in the first place, it raised the arguably as-important issue of why they were taken offline just a year or less after the system was deployed.

battery insurance, battery storage, california, fire detection, fire mitigation, fire safety, fire suppression, insurance, lg chem, terra-gen, usa

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Sidaron Wilson named new football coach at Valley Center

Former Arizona State player, longtime local assistant takes over for the retiring Rob Gilster; first meeting with players ‘excellent’Sidaron Wilson is replacing a coaching legend, taking over as head football coach at Valley Center High School for Rob Gilster, the only coach the Jaguars have known in their 25 football seasons.“Honestly, there is no better situation, no better school for me,” said Wilson, 51, who is a first-time head coach.“The traditions are already in place. The culture o...

Former Arizona State player, longtime local assistant takes over for the retiring Rob Gilster; first meeting with players ‘excellent’

Sidaron Wilson is replacing a coaching legend, taking over as head football coach at Valley Center High School for Rob Gilster, the only coach the Jaguars have known in their 25 football seasons.

“Honestly, there is no better situation, no better school for me,” said Wilson, 51, who is a first-time head coach.

“The traditions are already in place. The culture of winning has been established.”


Wilson met with Valley Center’s players on Thursday. He called the reception “excellent.”

“They’re champing at the bit to get going, and I’m excited for the opportunity,” he said.

Wilson said he’ll wait until after spring break to start working with the players. In the meantime, he’s putting together a coaching staff.

Gilster retired after 25 seasons at Valley Center and 34 as a head coach. His overall record was 243-147-5, third-best in San Diego Section history. He was 180-105-2 at Valley Center, winning eight league championships and CIF titles in 1004, ’05, ’07, ’08 and ’11.

A defensive back in football and jumper in track, Wilson played at Poway High under head coach Brad Elrod, then went on to play at Arizona State under Larry Marmie. Lovie Smith and Mike Martz, who both went on to coach in the NFL, were on Marmie’s staff.

While at Arizona State, one of Wilson’s teammates was former Orange Glen High star Lenny McGill, who went on to play in the NFL.

An Arizona State graduate with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, Wilson has worked as an assistant coach at San Ysidro, Serra and Ramona before spending the last three years at Del Norte.

He has worked both sides of the ball, has been an offensive and defensive coordinator and a head coach at the JV level.

“I’ve learned something from everyone I’ve coached with,” Wilson said. “Damon Baldwin at Ramona is my go-to guy. We talk about football once a week.

“Once he knew I wanted to be a head coach, Leigh Cole at Del Norte taught me about all that went into being in charge — the daily routine, the paperwork … all the things a head coach must deal with beyond coaching.

“And I learned a lot from Dru Smith when I was at Serra. All that is why I’m confident I’m ready.”

Anticipating he might someday be a head coach, Wilson said he attended North County Conference football coaches meetings to learn as much as he could.

“With his degree of experience, Sidaron is more than prepared to lead the Jaguars into the future,” said Valley Center Athletic Director Mike Cummings.

With Wilson’s hiring, vacancies at Rancho Bernardo, Escondido, Mount Miguel, Oceanside, Del Norte, Clairemont and Canyon Hills have been filled. Vista, Brawley and Southwest-El Centro still have head football coach openings.


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